The Intellectual


The Intellectual is dedicated to performing at a high level, and they set a very high bar for themselves.  

They are confident in their abilities and see themselves as successful - because they usually are. Their self-image and self-assurance are usually intact and possess an intrinsic motivation and internal drive to succeed. The high bar they have set for themselves is the basis for their desire to do things well and do them right.

Although Intellectuals consistently perform well, their performance can be negatively effected by perfectionism, anxiety, and self-doubt. This type of executive/athlete can become over-whelmed by the desire to PERFORM well. Their focus is on impressing others, appearing competent, and being liked by their peers, boss, or employees. 

For example, an Intellectual may give a presentation to bolster their status amongst the team. They feverishly prepare out of fear, not necessarily to give a great presentation which offers value to the audience, Whether in business or sports, most Intellectuals focus on results and others' perceptions of them. 

The key to helping Intellectuals is not to perform perfectly  - trying to keep their nose above water and getting closer to the preverbal "perfect" - but instead to lower the level of the water. 


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