The Sport of School Academy

The Sport of School Academy supports student-athletes during the most critical times of high school or college through weekly meetings in person, or via Skype.

This program focuses on three basic components necessary to achieve success in the classroom and on the field: Academic Psychology, Sport Psychology, and the Recruiting Process. The Sport of School Academy was developed to help student-athletes become the best they can be on the field AND in the classroom.

They will learn the importance of grades, but more importantly, it will help them recognize that hard work, focus, and creating a personal vision is what will make them successful athletically and academically - and throughout their lives!

Interested in learning how Coach Buck can help your student-athlete raise their grades? 

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The Sport of School: Help Your Student-Athletes Win in the Classroom

Your athlete is struggling in the classroom. Your athlete's on-field drive CAN work in the classroom! Human performance consultant and mental conditioning coach Christian Buck details his proven solutions for academic improvement in this new book. Packed with case studies, The Sport of School is the easy-to-use guide for parents to help their student-athletes work harder, challenge THEMSELVES, and achieve more than they believed they could.


"Christian Buck gives us a playbook to success by shifting the paradigm of sports and education. This is a must read for every parent of a student-athlete."

- David Meltzer, CEO and Co-Founder, Sports 1 Marketing


"An essential resource for uncovering the most powerful fuel for motivating your kids to succeed in school AND sports."

- Paul Carcaterra, Analyst, ESPN


"Chris Buck has a gift. He helps kids find what they need within themselves to motivate them to succeed way beyond what they thought possible. He's changed the lives of my clients and their families for the better and is a wonderful resource."

- Deena Maerowitz, Principal, College/Graduate School Adviser


"The book is a road map that highlights a series of pitfalls we fall into as parents, but it offers a series of solutions for our students to become an internally self-reliant individual prepared not only for school, but for life beyond."

- John Pirie, Teacher, Coach, and Parent 


Christian Buck, M.A.   Tel: (917) 930-3734

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