The Natural Talent


Natural Talents are an interesting type of executive/athlete. They amaze us with their God-given talent. Being great at their job comes easily to them. And, of course, that makes it even more enjoyable. They "play" with ease, and therefore want to "play" all the time.

Issues occur when they need address areas outside their comfort zone. Learning new skills or managing parts of their job that do not come easily becomes something they tend to avoid because they are worried about an insufficient result. Natural Talents need to learn and internalize the relationship between effort and outcome. If they do, the law of averages tells us they will start to improve their performance and ultimately meet their potential. 

The Natural Talent excels when they are in their lane. It's time to be open to new roles and responsibilities. As Jim Loehr once said, "Energy expenditure that prompts discomfort has the potential to expand capacity."


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