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Develop Strategies to Think Like a Champion

Executives, like athletes, understand the value of hard work, improving skills, and persevering through challenges. Most executives and athletes fall into one of five categories. Once that category is identified, I help leaders improve their performance by implementing sport psychology principles. ​

The Five Types of Athletes/Executives


The athlete/executive who possesses a very high work ethic and uses it to succeed. Pitfalls may occur when they try to do too much themselves.


The athlete/executive who sets a very high bar for themselves and is driven to succeed. Performance can be negatively effected by perfectionism, anxiety, and self-doubt.


The athlete/executive who earnestly wants to perform at a higher level but isn’t sure about how to do it. They can have a strong work ethic but aren't sure where to place their effort and focus.


The athlete/executive who has God-given talent and can "play" with ease. Issues occur when they need to handle areas outside their comfort zone and/or what comes naturally.


The athlete/executive who are the sidelines of their own lives. They seem to be going through the motions and do not possess their own personal vision to enhance motivation.

If you identify with one (or more) of these executive/athletic types, and you want to perform at a higher level, contact me to see how I can help.

Christian Buck
Performance/Executive Coach

Christian has spent the majority of his career as a company owner and entrepreneur. For more than a decade, he traded and brokered equity derivatives on the floor of the American Stock Exchange.

Following a successful run as a sole-prop trader in the pits for Pfizer, Cisco, and Intel, he started his own brokerage offering equity and option execution to his mid- and large-cap clients on the Floor. 

From Wall Street Trader to Performance/Executive Coach

For the last ten years, Christian has been helping individuals and organizations raise their game by improving their mindset. Through his consulting practice, Christian Buck Consulting, he has worked with professional athletes, student-athletes and executives on a one-to-one basis challenging their thinking on the field, in the classroom, or in the boardroom.​​

He founded The Sport of School Academy, which applies sport psychology concepts to academics, got certified to teach Fearless Golf by renowned golf psychologist, Dr. Gio Valiante (currently consulting at Point72 Asset Management), and has worked with some of the best NCAA programs in the country including Brown University men's lacrosse team on their run to the Final Four in 2016, the University of Albany's men's lacrosse team, and Sacred Heart University men's lacrosse, implementing team-specific cultural changes and mental conditioning programs. Christian has also been hired as an Elite Coach for executive performance firm, Valor.

August 6, 1998  - The Financial Times

Christian has helped executives at all levels raise their game and breakthrough self-created limitations. He specializes in defining personal vision, enhancing self-awareness, dealing with anxiety, and improving confidence.

After transitioning from Wall Street to sport psychology, he has an in-depth understanding of what is important when making a career change and what factors work best when tasked with such a challenge.

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How can I help?

Have a question about how I can help? Feel free to contact me to set up a phone call or video chat.


Christian Buck, M.A.

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