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Meet Coach Buck

After 11 years on the American Stock Exchange, trading and brokering equity derivatives, Christian left "The Floor" and earned his Masters in Sport Psychology, and soon after founded Get It Done Consulting (now called Christian Buck Consulting). He has consulted with professional and amateur athletes alike, implementing mental conditioning programs in a wide variety of sports, including lacrosse, golf, tennis, soccer, basketball, track/field, crew, fencing, hockey, and baseball.

Coach Buck consulted with the Brown men’s lacrosse team, helping them reach the 2016 NCAA Final Four, posting the best record in Brown’s history, and finishing the season with an unprecedented ranking of #3 in the country. In 2017, he helped the Sacred Heart University Men's Lacrosse team turn their program around from a 2-14 record the previous season to 9-5; the most wins in the program's history, and the first winning season since 2002. He is also the Goalie Psychology Specialist for G3 Lacrosse founded by renown lacrosse goaltenders Kip Turner, John Galloway and Adam Ghitelman.

He was the Mental Coach and Goalie Specialist for the Avon Old Farms boy’s varsity lacrosse team and was the Head Coach of the Desert Mountain High School girl’s lacrosse team, leading them to the 2008 Arizona state semi-finals. Additionally, he coached the Arizona State All-Star Team in the Girl’s National Tournament in Baltimore, MD (’08), and was the Assistant/Goalie Coach for the Northeast Team of the Underclassmen Under-Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic (2010 - 2015). As a mental conditioning coach at the IMG Academies (Bradenton, FL), Coach Buck consulted with athletes attending the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, David Leadbetter Golf Academy, and the IMG Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer Academies.

Chris is also certified to teach “Fearless Golf” – the research culmination of Dr. Gio Valiante which emphasizes the physiological effects of fear during competition. Coach Buck has consulted with golfers on the Tour, PGA Canada Tour, Gateway Tour, and the college circuit. He has also worked with world-ranked Long Drive competitors. 

​Chris grew up and played lacrosse in Wilton, CT, winning two state championships during his time there and finished his four-year high school career with a 46-1 record as the starting goalie. After high school, he went on to play lacrosse at Ithaca College.


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The Sport of School: Help Your Student-Athlete

Win in the Classroom

Your athlete is struggling in the classroom. Your athlete's on-field drive CAN make the difference! Using Coach Buck’s academic coaching program and dedicated approach athletes use to improve, the Sport of School gives parents the tools to motivate their students to succeed.

The Sport of School guides parents, coaches and educators about:

• The five types of student-athletes and what pushes each type to win

• The four action steps all students can apply for better grades

• How to value effort over results to unlock long-term academic victory

Packed with case studies, The Sport of School is the easy-to-use guide for parents to help their student-athletes work harder, challenge THEMSELVES, and achieve more academically than they believed they could.

"Christian Buck gives us a playbook to success by shifting the paradigm of sports and education. This is a must read for every parent of a student-athlete."

                 - David Meltzer, CEO and Co-                              Founder, Sports 1 Marketing    

"An essential resource for uncovering the most powerful fuel for motivating your kids to succeed in school AND sports."

         - Paul Carcaterra, Analyst, ESPN

Thinking Inside the Crease: The Mental Secrets to

Becoming a Dominant Lacrosse Goalie


Thinking Inside the Crease is a guide for lacrosse goalies to learn how to dominate in the cage psychologically. Playing goalie is 100% physical as well as 100% mental. The competition in high school and college has gotten so stiff that the best goalies must have the mental game to back up their technique.


Chris Buck has worked with hundreds of goalies from youth to the MLL over the past twenty years, helping them with their technique but realized the best goalies in the world are the ones with the best mental game as well. The strategies inside this book are utilized by the best in the sport and now they are passed down to the next generation of goalies. From the PLL to high school, the goalies who have followed Coach Buck's process have gone on to play at the highest level, including MLL Championships, Team USA, PLL, and MLL Goaltenders of the Year. 

“Coach Buck has managed to take the thoughts and fears of every goaltender and put it to pen and paper. In a position comprised of more than just physical attributes, we as coaches do not do a good job understanding what makes goalies tick. This book is the first ever true glance into the mind of a goaltender, and it couldn’t be more accurate!”

- John Galloway

MLL Goalie of the Year, 2x NCAA All-American   

“What Chris does with the goalie position is exceptional. The psychological side of the goalie position is not talked about enough, and Chris has made a difficult subject easy for goalies of all ages to understand. He is a great teacher, speaker, coach and now writer. Since I met Chris, I have used some of his techniques to win 2 MLL championships as the Chesapeake Bayhawks starting goaltender.”


Kip Turner

2x MLL Goalie of the Year, NCAA All-American

Jon Basti

Head Coach, Sacred heart University Men's Lacrosse

"Chris has been a very big part of our Family over the past three years. His insights on the mental approach to the game have helped everyone involved in

our program."

Lars Tiffany

Head Coach, Brown/UVA

Men's Lacrosse

 "Chris Buck made an impact with both the men and the staff making believers out of all of us in him and ourselves."     

Jon Thompson

Head Coach, Amherst College Men's Lacrosse

"Chris has such a good way with young people. He is collaborative in his approach, and he’s clear with his communication. Above all, he’s an incredible listener. For those in the performance enhancement field; would you want anything else?!" 



Christian Buck, M.A.   Tel: (917) 930-3734

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