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Executive coaching, specifically tailored to you

Did you know…

Fortune Magazine estimates 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs played college sports. Among women currently holding a C-suite position, this proportion rose to 96% (Earnst & Young). This means that having key sports coaching is vital to you and your business team.

How do you tap into your inner athlete?


About Christian Buck Consulting

Christian Buck Consulting helps high-level executives discover what they want, plan how to get it, and uncover what holds them back from getting it. Whether you’re struggling or you’re a hard charger, we can help you. We cater our coaching approach to each individual and their specific set of circumstances. Similar to sports, we understand that each executive is unique - and they should be treated that way. Working with an experienced business coach is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results.


Who I do it for

Do you feel like you are alone at the top of your business? Well you are not alone. These high power CEO’s all have coaches. Learn more about how a sports strategy  can help your business and your team WIN!


Alone at the top?


Organizations that offer training and professional coaching experience 88% increase in productivity.

(Gerald Olivero,Denise Bane & Richard Kopelman, Public Personnel Management)

Increase in productivity.



Brown University - Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse

“Christian Buck made a tremendous impact on the staff, making believers out of all of us in him and ourselves.”
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