From Wall Street Trader

to Executive Coach

I spent the majority of my career as a company owner and entrepreneur. For more than a decade, I traded and brokered equity derivatives on the floor of the American Stock Exchange.

Following a successful run as a sole-prop trader in the pits for Pfizer, Cisco, and Intel, I started a brokerage firm offering equity and option execution to his mid- and large-cap clients on the Floor. 

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For the last 12 years, I've been helping individuals and organizations raise their game by improving their mindset. Through my consulting practice, Christian Buck Consulting, I've worked with professional athletes, student-athletes and executives on a one-to-one basis challenging their thinking on the field, in the classroom, and in the boardroom.​​

Since 2010, I founded The Sport of School Academy, which applies sport psychology concepts to academics, got certified to teach Fearless Golf by renowned golf psychologist, Dr. Gio Valiante (currently consulting at Point72 Asset Management), and have worked with some of the best NCAA programs in the country including Brown University men's lacrosse team on their run to the Final Four, Amherst College men's lacrosse team to the National Championship, the University of Albany's men's lacrosse team, and Sacred Heart University men's lacrosse, implementing team-specific cultural changes and mental conditioning programs. I am also an Elite Coach for the executive performance firm, Valor.

In the trading pit of the America Stock Exchange

August 6, 1998  - The Financial Times

Over the years, I've helped executives at all levels raise their game and breakthrough self-created limitations. I specialize in defining personal vision, enhancing self-awareness, dealing with anxiety, and improving confidence.


After transitioning from Wall Street to sport psychology, I have an in-depth understanding of what is important when running a company and what factors work best when tasked with such a challenge.

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The Sport of Business

Ask any successful executive, or athlete, and many will tell you they work with a performance coach, if not a couple. Executive performance coaching is a critical contributor for top performers. Top performers recognize that continuous improvement is the key to success as an individual or as a team.

Success is a mindset.


From golfers who make the critical putt to basketball players who sink the last shot, they couldn't do it without the preparation and mindset to execute consistently.


The same concept holds true when hiring an executive coach to boost performance professionally. Even the most talented, driven, and successful executives get stuck at times or can't ‘raise their game.'


What if you had an experienced performance coach by your side to help you find the same mindset? What would happen if you had immediate access to someone who has consulted with many of the country's most successful sports programs and executives?


What if he started advising YOU?


Isn't it time YOU had access to the secrets and proven strategies being used by the top performers?

Start playing the Sport of Business

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