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What’s the process?

Every team is made up of individual players dealing with their own personal and professional clarity. While fixed programs and webinars have their place, that’s not what we do. We focus on each individual and their unique set of circumstances in order to improve the overall performance of the team. We work with each team member helping them find clarity in what they want, create a plan for how to get it, and/or uncover what holds them back.


Our process allows you to focus on leading your business, while we maximize your team's potential for your business.


The Process Of Working With Christian Will Help You And Your Team Be More… 


What do you want?

It’s difficult to ask someone who works for you to have the same commitment towards corporate results as you do. One of the best ways to motivate your team, is to help them figure out those positive corporate results will effect their lives. For example, when a member of the Sales team recognizes what producing 150% of their quota does to their yearly take-home income, they become exponentially more engaged in your sales process. Do they want a promotion, a new house, retirement options, etc.? When we uncover what people really want in their own lives, production inevitably increases. 


How do you get it?

Once you know what you want, then it is time to go after it. Most people go to work with no motivation, verve, or purpose. But when you define what you want with extreme clarity, everyday becomes and opportunity towards making those goals a reality. When you’ve thought outside the box about you want with BIG dreams, it only then that you’ve created the personal vision that can now become a reality.

What holds you back?

This is where the brain starts to play tricks on you: “I want to make $1M this year…. but I could never do that.” We have firm and powerful self-created limitations that keep us in a safe space. Therefore, we stop dreaming. Anxiety, doubt, lack of vision, not knowing and feeling your value, lack of conviction - these are elements that hold us back from getting what we want. But, most importantly, once recognized we can break through those self-limitations that hold you back from getting exactly what you want.



Brown University - Head Coach, Men's Lacrosse

“Christian Buck made a tremendous impact on the staff, making believers out of all of us in him and ourselves.”
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